POWAHOUSE 8 Man Scrum Sled

POWAHOUSE 8 Man Scrum Sled



Our latest offering in Scrum Sleds, the preferred Scrum Sled for NZ Rugby and their representative teams. endorsed by the best Scrum Coaches.

“The success of the Powa Single Man has led me to ask Rhino-Powa NZ to design and produce an 8 man version with the equivalent innovation”

The modern era of scrummaging requires a Scrum unit to sustain “load pressure” after engage. Rhino-Powa have again successfully produced a design that will train and improve the performance of maintaining pressure over several seconds.
Coaches will be able to recognise visually through external spring release when the Scrum Unit is unable to hold pressure over an extended time frame.

Mike Cron – NZ Rugby Coach

  • New Zealand designed and made
  • Innovative head/ram/spring design for training to maintain pressure after Scrum engage
  • Visual advantage for Coaches
  • Unique Moulded and Detachable Scrum Pads
  • New Bind bar positions for tighthead and loosehead props
  • Adjustable Scrum Heads to suit different size players
  • Centre Ram can be dropped out easily for lighter forward packs of working with front row only
  • Galvanised components and Zinc coated Sled
  • Rear Wheel design protects Turf
  • Jockey wheel for ease of movement
  • Easily stored and transported, flat packs to 1m3
  • Weighs approx. 300kg’s

Watch Cronno run through the features and benefits of the machine.

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