Rhino Body Protector

Rhino Body Protector


Dual Density, Closed Cell Polyethylene Foam – light and comfortable

-??????????Highly protective
-??????????Body Hugging Protection
-??????????Hinged Gusset for movement in attack or defence
-??????????Floating Clavicle protector
-??????????Hinged Lower Body Abdo protection
– ? ? ?Comes in 2 sizes Small/Medium & Large/XLarge


?In a high pace, full impact training environment, player protection and the avoidance of body injury is critical?

I approached Tim at Rhino-Powa NZ to assist in the development of a new Chest/Body Protector – it needed to be lightweight, easily donned and unrestrictive in movement (both in attack and defense). It also needed to provide considerably greater protection than current garments of this type in the rugby market place today.

We are delighted with the end result that Rhino-Powa have produced. I have trialed it with top NZ Rugby players wearing the new Chest Protector throughout?complete training sessions. They seldom removed?the protector during high and low intensity training modules, giving players?the best protection I have seen to date.

Wayne Smith- NZ Rugby Coach

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