The Rhino Pro Body Protection Top is engineered to elevate your performance on the pitch and shield you from the intense collisions of the game, this exceptional rugby protection top offers unparalleled benefits:

Advanced Collision Defence: Crafted with innovative dual expansion foam technology, this lightweight body armour sets the new standard for protective gear. It’s meticulously designed to absorb impact, providing a fortress-like barrier against even the toughest hits.

Strategically Engineered Padding: Our top-of-the-line EVA padding is strategically positioned on the shoulders, biceps, and sternum of the body armour. This meticulous placement ensures that rugby players receive optimal protection in the areas most vulnerable to impact.

Seamless Comfort: Don’t compromise comfort for protection. The Rhino Pro Body Protection Top boasts a snug fit that seamlessly integrates beneath your rugby kit. This ergonomic design guarantees unrestricted movement and flexibility.

Technical Specifications:

  • Material: Premium-grade lightweight fabric
  • Foam Technology: Dual expansion foam for enhanced impact absorption
  • Padding: Strategically placed EVA padding on shoulders, biceps, and sternum
  • Fit: Snug fit for optimal integration under rugby kit
  • Usage: Designed for rugby players seeking top-tier collision protection
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